Dental implants

The use of dental implant made a revolution in dental care. Now it´s possible to recover previously lost teeth. a dental implant is an artificial, self-sustaining tooth-root that is inserted into the jawbone and acts as an anchor to support a replacement tooth or teeth. Dental implants have a success rate of over 95% and can often last a lifetime with proper dental hygiene and regularly scheduled dental visits. They keep adjacent teeth healthy and maintain the structure of your jawbone.

A dental implant is made up of three parts: a titanium base implant (replacing the tooth root) that joins with the jawbone, an abutment connected to the titanium implant which protrudes from the gum line, and a crown resembling a natural tooth which is placed onto the abutment, forming a natural-looking, artificial tooth.
A tooth
An implant is placed in the area of the lost tooth and a ceramic crown is applied over it.
umdente_01_min.jpg umdente_02_min.jpg umdente_03_min.jpg umdente_04_min.jpg
Several teeth
Several implants are placed in the edentulous area, and on them applied single crowns or "bridges"
variosdentes_01_min.jpg variosdentes_02_min.jpg variosdentes_03_min.jpg variosdentes_04_min.jpg
Total Fixed
Total arch rehabilitation, in most situations, there is no need to place more than 6 per jaw implants, and often) is possible to place the prosthesis right after the placing of implants.
fixa_01_min.jpg fixa_02_min.jpg fixa_03_min.jpg fixa_04_min.jpg
Total overdenture
The implants are also used in cases of edentulous to retain and stabilize the denture (overdenture).
sobredentadura_01_min.jpg sobredentadura_02_min.jpg sobredentadura_03_min.jpg sobredentadura_04_min.jpg