Invisible Orthodontics/

In Oralklass dental clinics you have available a series of orthodontics techniques wich two of them may be considered "invisible".

The development of lingual orthodontics produced a qualitative leap in orthodontic treatments, offering a new treatment option. In this technique, we use the traditional elements (brackets bows, elastics, springs, etc) but pasted the lingual face of the teeth. Thus, there is an aesthetic benefit for the patient, because there is no volume increase in the area of the lips, nor the risk of injury to the cheeks and lips caused by shock. But the advantage is essentially the fact that the technique is virtually invisible.

Almost invisible method to fix your teeth using a series of clear aligners, removable and comfortable. Each aligner is slightly different from the previous to the teeth will move little by little, until they reach the desired position. Each liner should be used approximately two to four weeks, before being replaced by the following. The duration of treatment varies, depending on each case, but generally the average invisible orthodontic treatment is twelve to eighteen months. Results are visible from the first weeks. As it is clear, virtually no one will notice it. Furthermore, it can be removed with all the convenience for eating and brushing teeth. This treatment fixes the most common problems: crooked teeth, separated and certain types of overbite or crossbite.


It is a treatment for adults only?

- No, the only condition is that all teeth are definitive. However, the patient must commit to always use the aligners, except for eating, drinking and oral hygiene.

You can eat and drink with aligners placed?
- No, but they are removable, you can remove them with all the comfort and description to eat and drink. It is important to keep them clean: do not leave food scraps and sugar between the teeth and the aligners to prevent cavities and gum disease.

Can it work with crowns or bridges?
- If you already have all permanent teeth, it is very likely that it can be treated with invisible orthodontics, even if you have crowns or bridges.

How long does the treatment lasts?
- Generally, treatment lasts between 12 to 18 months, varying on each case.

Can I know how I will look like the after treatment?
- Thanks to the most advanced image processing computer, you can view before starting the treatment, the expected result at the end.

It is true that the aligners are barely visible?
- The aligners are made of transparent  plastic therefore are virtually invisible even whenlooked closely.

The aligners hurt?
- It is normal in the early days feel some discomfort. The aligners are soft, so do not hurt the inside of the mouth. However a  little pressure can be felt, but it is a sign that the aligners are acting.