Removable Prosthesis
The Removable Denture is the easiest , cheapest and quickest way to give back your smile and oral harmony. However has limitations in the retentivity, habituation and the need to be removed every day to be cleaned.
The acrilic prosthesis is the cheapest way to substitute missing teeth and despite the fact that isn´t the easiest prosthesis to adapt, it can have a quite natural and pleasant look.
acrilica_01_min.jpg acrilica_02_min.jpg acrilica_03_min.jpg acrilica_04_min.jpg
Removable Partial Denture
This prosthesis maintains itself anchored through clasps to the residual natural teeth or brackets with prosthetic elements, it is usually formed by a metal structure, from which it takes the name of removable prosthesis. The presence of metal brackets allows to obtain better functional and masticatory stability.
esqueletica_01_min.jpg esqueletica_02_min.jpg esqueletica_03_min.jpg esqueletica_04_min.jpg
Combined Prosthesis
This solution makes possible the use of a removable prosthesis without inesthetic clasps. Also has an optimal stability and functionality.
combinada_01_min.jpg combinada_02_min.jpg combinada_03_min.jpg combinada_04_min.jpg