Solutions in one day/

Have you ever imagined the possibility of placing dental implants and beautiful, functional teeth, replacing edentulous areas or extremely compromised teeth, in just one day?

In Oralklass dental clinics is possible!

The new technologies and protocols allow us today, what was, until recently, unthinkable (placement of dental implants simultaneously with esthetic and functional teeth).
This solution is designed to maximize the available bone and to allow immediate fixation of teeth. Using 4-6 dental implants placed in each arch with a strategic distribution we can achieve a secure and ideal setting for the teeth.
A preparatory phase is needed to do all the exams, diagnosis and formulation of appropriate dental treatment for you. This phase is important because it ensures that you fulfill the conditions necessary for the procedure oral rehabilitation.


Esthetic New Teeth in a Single Day
The stabilization provided by the dental implants allows you to go home, in the same day with a whole new set of teeth, even when are required extractions of compromised teeth.

  • Security and Confort

Using local anesthesia and a mild conscious sedation we can do the whole procedure safely and comfortably. The result is a whole new teeth, which appears to be natural and works as natural.

  • Less Recovery time

Throught this procedure we can achieve the best results with minimal time and discomfort.

  • Lower cost when compared with single implants;
  • Easy maintenance through good oral hygiene;
  • allows you to recover the ability to cut and chew almost all kinds of food;
  • relieves the frustration of using removable dentures;
  • Ensures long time results,  potentially a lifetime;
  • Recreate your smile in just one day.


HOW DOES THE PROCEDURE Works "Solutions In a Day" - What can be expected ?

  • One or two initial appointments are needed for making a diagnosis, treatment plan, budget, panoramic radiography , tomography, and casts to ensure that everything will be ready for the day to place the implants and the new teeth.
  • Appointment for the placement of implants and the  new temporary teeth – all necessary extrations are done also at this time;.
  • Appointment to postoperative control;
  • Appointment after 4 months for casts, records for the making of the new permanent teeth in the laboratory;
  • Placing of your new smile,


In Oralklass dental clinics through the new esthetic concepts in smile design we can ensure that your smile will meet your expectations. Details such as facial shape, skin tone, age is taken into account in the preparation of your teeth. All the details are of interest to our work to create the your naturally perfect smile.